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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get access to my medical records? view
How can I lodge a complaint? view
Do you offer Colonoscopy? view

Can I get access to my medical records?
You have the right to access the contents of your records, providing you will not keep any hard copy of it.

For more information, see the Patients' Charter of Rights and Obligations .

How can I lodge a complaint?

Who can complain?
Anyone who is not satisfied with the quality of care service at any public or private health care facility can lodge a complaint.

To whom can complaints be made?
The Customer Relations Officer, located at the public hospital is responsible for handling complaints.

If you have a complaint about services at the Public Health Centre, you can contact the Primary Care Quality Coordinator at the Quality Department of the Regional Health Authority.

If the complaint is about service received at a Private, Hospital or Nursing Home – contact the office of the Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health.  (627-0010/0012)


How to Lodge Your Complaint?
There are three ways to lodge a complaint:
By telephone, In person or In writing to the Customer Relations Officer / Representative.
The Customer Relations Officer at the Quality Improvement Department will investigate the complaint and you will be informed of the outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, the Customer Relations Officer will forward your complaint to the Quality Coordinator of the facility for resolution.

Do I have a right to complain about poor health/service care?
Absolutely!  You have a right to complain.  The Patient’s Charter of Rights and Obligations clearly states that you have a right to file a complaint when you consider your rights infringed.

Should I go directly to the Ministry of Health to complain?
If you go directly to the Ministry to lodge a complaint about the service you received at public health facility, the complaint would be referred to the RHA for investigation and you may have to wait for a longer period to have your complaint resolved.

Will I be victimized if I lodge a complaint?
No.  Health professionals are mandated and regulated by code of ethics which prohibit the abuse of patients / clients.

How long will it take before I receive a response about my complaint?
Most verbal complaints receive immediate acknowledgement.  For a written complaint you would receive an acknowledgement within two working days.  Depending on the nature of the investigation you could also expect a report within seven working days.

Why should I even bother to complain?  Nothing would change.
We view complaints as a valuable source of information that can tell us about the quality of care and services we provide.  Your feedback would help us identify areas of weaknesses and make improvements to the system.

How do i submit a suggestion or comment?
Suggestion Boxes are strategically placed throughout public health facilities so that you can tell us how you feel about the service you received.  We also welcome your suggestions on ways of improving our services.

How to Contact your Customer Relations officer:
San Fernando General Hospital: 652-3581 ext. 246
Sangre Grande Regional Hospital: 800-ERHA (3742); 668-2468 ext. 136
Scarborough General Hospital: 660-4744 ext. 2114
Eric Williams Medical Science Complex: 645-2640 ext. 2030
St. Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital: 624-1151/3127 ext. 203
Port of Spain General Hospital: 625-3622 ext. 2809
Ministry of Health: 627-0010 ext. 1605/1607/1610/1612

Do you offer Colonoscopy?
Yes we do, but you must have a request from a Doctor. There is no fee for service if you are referred by the Government Institutions.

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