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Expressions of Interest The Ministry of Health is inviting Expressions and Interest for Consulting Services to undertake a National Screening and Management program for Diabetes in Pregnancy...11/23/2017 view
Ministry of Health Flood-related Interventions The Ministry of Health continues to urge citizens to partner with the Ministry and other Public Sector agencies to reduce the spread of diseases associated with flooding.11/19/2017 view
Government Committed to Operationalising Couva Children’s Hospital The Ministry of Health notes the ongoing and justified national interest in the Couva Children’s Hospital and wishes to place the following facts in the public domain.11/17/2017 view
Protect Yourself Against Leptospirosis The Ministry of Health continues to urge members of the public to take the necessary steps to avoid the health risks associated with flooding.11/13/2017 view
Women's Health November 2017 Newsletter Read the November 2017 Women's Health Article to learn about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome11/10/2017 view
Illegal Request for Donations for Flood Relief Efforts The Ministry of Health has received reports of person(s) soliciting donations on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government to support local flood victims...10/23/2017 view
Temporary Closure of the X-Ray Department at Rio Claro Health Centre The ERHA wishes to advise the public that the X-Ray Department at the Rio Claro Healht Centre will be closed from Friday 20th October, 2017 to Wednesday 22nd November, 2017.10/20/2017 view
Media Release: General Precautions When Purchasing Seafood ..."The Ministry of Health continues to monitor the situation with particular reference to fish and other seafood vendors so as to safeguard the health of the population."...10/17/2017 view
Increased Reports of “Red Eye” Cases The Ministry of Health has been receiving reports of an increased number of persons visiting public health care facilities complaining of ‘red eye’...9/29/2017 view
Warning Against the Inappropriate Use of Aerosol Insecticides ...these products should be used according to the directions of the manufacturer9/29/2017 view
ERHA: Temporary Closure of Pharmacies for Stock-taking The Eastern Regional Health Authority wishes to advise the Public that Pharmacy Services at the following facilities will be closed for stocktaking... click for details...9/28/2017 view
TRHA: Temporary Pharmacy Closure for Stock-taking The TRHA wishes to advise the General Public that the Pharmacy at the Scarborough General Hospital will be closed on Saturday, September 30th, 2017 for the purpose of stock-taking.9/28/2017 view
Spotlight: The Way Forward  9/26/2017 view
HIV Counseling and Testing Sites Click for the latest listing on HIV Counseling and Testing Sites throughout Trinidad and Tobago9/21/2017 view
Closure of Sangre Grande Hospital North Gate The ERHA wishes to advise the public that [...] access to the Sangre Grande Hospital via the gate [...] on the north eastern end [...] has been prohibited due to the commencement of construction works...8/30/2017 view
HIV AIDS Coordinating Unit Commendation University of Washington (I-TECH) gives commendation to the HIV AIDS Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Health8/11/2017 view
Swift Emergency Response from Health Workers The Ministry of Health commends the dedication of members of staff who responded to two separate emergency events, in South and East Trinidad, on Tuesday, August 2, 2017.8/4/2017 view
Launch of the National Health Accounts Launch of the National Health Accounts [...] spearheaded by the HIV and AIDS Coordinating Unit8/2/2017 view
Building Capacity, Building Health, Building T&T Click to learn more about upcoming health facilities in Trinidad and Tobago7/25/2017 view
Diabetes Association Workshop Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago's holds two-day workshop for children with Diabetes and their parents and caregivers.7/22/2017 view
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