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Food Inspections at Supermarkets
Saturday, March 15, 2014

Port-of-Spain, March 14, 2014

The Ministry of Health joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Consumer Rights Day. In an effort to protect consumers, the Chemistry Food and Drugs Division (CFDD), Ministry of Health, conducts regular food inspections at supermarkets, to ensure that these establishments are in compliance with the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations of Trinidad and Tobago.
Areas of non-compliance observed in supermarkets included:

  • Improper labeling of food products e.g. no expiry date and other date marks
  • Expired and  damaged goods offered for sale to the consumer

CFDD also noted that safe food handling practices were not emphasized and that more training and sensitization is needed to improve the implementation of food safety systems and practices. The Ministry of Health encourages consumers to pay attention to food labels when purchasing products and to be aware of sanitary conditions in food establishments.
The Ministry is committed to ensuring the health of our consumers as it relates to food and drugs and has partnered with the Ministry of Trade to ensure greater vigilance in the end product delivery of food and drugs in Trinidad and Tobago. 

World Consumer Rights Day allows the Ministry of Health to use the opportunity to renew and intensify  their commitment and connections with consumers. The Ministry is working collaboratively with the Ministry of Trade and Industry on promoting self-advocacy among consumers.  To make a report on improperly labelled or expired food products, please contact Chemistry Food and Drugs Division at (868)-623-2834.

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