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NCRHA releases facts on MHWH washroom incident
Friday, May 25, 2018

The NCRHA has reviewed reports in the local media about the incident last Thursday May 17, 2018, indicating that a nurse attached to the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital reported that the ceiling in a toilet at the MHWH collapsed and caused injury to her.
At the time of the report, the nurse was immediately transported to the Accident & Emergency Department for care, while an investigation was simultaneously launched into the incident.
The NCRHA views adverse incidents seriously, and consequently the CEO was immediately called. He directed the Head of the A&E to leave no stone unturned to ensure proper diagnosis and care is provided, and to ensure that the health and well-being of the nurse is protected.
"This directive was effectively implemented as the welfare of every team member of the NCRHA is very important to us," said Davlin Thomas, Chief Executive Officer - NCRHA.
The following are the facts relating to the nurse after the incident:
  • Her vitals - Normal
  • CT Scan # 1 - Normal
  • CT Scan # 2 - Normal
  • X-RAY - Normal
  • Neurological exam - Normal
  • There were no open wounds and no signs of injury or external bleeding.
The engineering staff was subsequently deployed to assess the problem and reported that the suspended ceiling was lodged in the door enclosure above the door - this is approximately 6ft above the doorway.
It became clear then to the engineering team that an extreme and tremendous force was required to remove the fixture. It might be prudent to note that the nurse is approximately 5ft 2in tall.
As part of our ongoing Essential & Required Improvements Program, the NCRHA’s OSH Oversight Committee continues to engage inspections and maintenance schedules to ensure that all our facilities remain robust to support patient care. The Authority is committed to ensuring that patients as well as staff can function in a comfortable and safe environment. We are also committed to ensuring that all our staff, are empowered to deliver quality care to the thousands of patients who visit our clinics and hospitals daily in a safe environment.
The Authority will continue its improvement regime and will collaborate with our security providers to ensure that the facilities continue to be safe for patients and our dedicated staff. 
The NCRHA reinforces our position as the premium health care services provider in Trinidad and Tobago, and will continue to deliver quality care to all the citizens in our region.

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