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Occupational Health

Core Functions of the Occupational Health Unit
This Unit conducts surveys to assess occupational health and safety conditions in industrial establishments and advice is given where necessary. A register of these industries is compiled by the Unit. Assessments and investigations of occupational health and safety issues are free of charge and are conducted by the County Medical Officers of Health.

Employers and employees can seek how to create a safe workplace or lodge complaints about unsafe working practices. You don't have to wait until there is an obvious hazard to lodge a complaint. Your CMOH  (County Medical Officer of Health) can help you avoid potential hazards and prevent workplace accidents and illness.

How can one benefit from the Occupational Health Unit?
One can seek advice or make a complaint through the CMOH about how to create a safe or of any unsafe conditions in the working environment.
One can do so via telephone, completing a "Complaint for Investigation" form from the CMOH office or by sending a letter.  Once the initial query/complaint is lodged the Public Health Inspectors are dispatched to examine the premises.

The inspectors present a report of the findings and recommendations to the relevant RHA.  Public Health Inspectors have the power to order safety improvements or close workplaces if safety standards are not met.


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