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Blood Transfusion Services

About the National Blood Transfusion Service
The National Blood Transfusion Service (otherwise known as the "Blood Bank") collects, screens and distributes a safe, adequate supply of blood and blood components (such as plasma, red blood cells and platelets)

The National blood transfusion is also responsible for the supply of blood to meet medical needs. Our health system relies on a continuous supply of blood from volunteer donors.  Donating blood is safe, easy and essential for the health of our nation

Target Group
Persons in need of blood for medical purposes


How can I donate blood?
Blood can be donated by anyone meeting the health criteria for donating blood:

  1. Visit any of our Blood Bank Services
  2. Fill out a registration form and an interview will be conducted.
  3. For you own safety, you will be asked for information: your medical history and a mini-medical examination will be done.
  4. If you are selected to make a donation, your blood will be tested for certain infections before use, including HIV, Viral Hepatitis B and C, HTLVI, Syphilis and Chagas Disease.
  5. You will be notified in the event of a positive result for any of these tests. Your blood is also tested for haemoglobin concentration.

A nurse (trained Phlebotomist) will draw your blood.  There is a 15 minute mandatory rest period after giving blood before you are allowed to leave the centre.


Blood Donation Services Site (Port of Spain)
opposite Memorial Park, Port of Spain

Phone: (868)-623-8250, (868)-624-7524

National Blood Transfusion Service
Port-of-Spain General Hospital
Charlotte Street,
Phone: (868)-627-2619, (868)-623-8204

Blood Bank
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
Champs Fleurs
Phone: (868)-645-2640 ext. 2008

Blood Bank
San Fernando General Hospital
Phone: (868)-652-1121

Blood Bank
Sangre Grande General Hospital
Katwaroo Trace Entrance
Sangre Grande
Phone: (868) 668-2468/2288 ext. 147

Blood Bank
Tobago General Hospital,
Phone: (868)-660-4744 ext. 0399, 3098


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