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Parts of Tobacco Act in effect from February 17, 2010

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Ministry of Health


All citizens are advised that Part III and Sections 1 to 9 of the Tobacco Control Act will be proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and will thus be in effect from February 17, 2010 onwards.

The control of tobacco smoking is a critical public health intervention. To this end, the Tobacco Control Act is designed to protect individuals from exposure to tobacco smoke, particularly children and young people, babies (born and unborn), pregnant women and the vulnerable. It also seeks to prevent smoking by young people especially children, to restrict promotional activities by tobacco manufacturers, enhance public awareness of the hazards of tobacco use, ensure that consumers are provided with sufficient information to make more informed decisions on using tobacco products and prevent illicit trade.

The Tobacco Control Act was passed in December 2009, but it will be proclaimed and enforced in phases. The first phase is the one starting on February 17, 2009, when the following provisions will come into effect:

Tobacco Control Act-Part III prohibitions:

  1. the designation of no smoking areas and prohibition against smoking therein (Section 12 of the Act);
  2. the prohibition against the sale of tobacco products to and by minors (Section 13 of the Act);
  3. the prohibition against self-service displays of tobacco products (Section 14 of the Act);
  4. the prohibition against public displays of tobacco products (Section 15 of the Act);
  5. the prohibition against self-service sales of tobacco products (Section 16 of the Act);
  6. the prohibition against sale of tobacco products in certain places (Section 17 of the Act);
  7. the prohibition against import, manufacture or sale of toy or candy cigarettes (Section 18 of the Act);
  8. the prohibition against tobacco advertising (Section 19 of the Act);
  9. the prohibition against incentive promotions and free supply of tobacco products (Section 20 of the Act);
  10. the prohibition against tobacco sponsorship (Section 20 of the Act);
  11. the prohibition against other forms of promotion (Section 22 of the Act).

Sections 1 to 4 are preliminary and provide for the title, commencement, constitutionality and interpretation of the Act.  Section 5 of the Act provides for the establishment of a Tobacco Control Unit within the Ministry of Health and Section 6 details the functions of the Unit.

The Tobacco Control Act is to be enforced to a large extent by the authorized officers under the Act, namely, police officers, customs officers and public health inspectors. As such, Sections 7, 8 and 9 of the Tobacco Control Act provide for their functions, powers and requirement for identification, respectively.

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