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National Cancer Control Coordinating Committee

National Cancer Control Coordinating Committee

The National Cancer Control Coordinating Committee (NCCCC) is the national body established to advise on policy, and to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the national cancer plan. The NCCCC is multi-disciplinary and includes representation from health professionals, service delivery, health policy and patient advocacy.

The NCCCC is responsible for the followin activities:

  1. Advise the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) on:
    1. evidence-based approaches to cancer prevention and control
    2. relevant and applicable best practice in cancer prevention, treatment and care
    3. the research agenda for the prevention and control of cancer
  2. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the national cancer plan through annual/biannual operational plans of action.
  3. Facilitate effective monitoring of the prevalence of cancers and their risk factors and recommend supportive policies legislation for reporting to ensure the effective functioning of the national cancer registry.
  4. Recommend, commission and/or endorse protocols for the screening, treatment and care of cancer patients with ongoing regular review
  5. Assist with the evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of cancer services
  6. Provide technical guidance on and monitor progress of related projects and initiatives for the implementation of the national NCD Strategic Plan
  7. Emphasize and support education in schools as a key prevention strategy to protect future generations from cancer
  8. Report annually on its operational plans and on the performance of the NCCCC.
Office of the Chief Medical Officer
Ministry of Health
63 Park Street
Telephone: (868)-627-0014 ext. 1616 or 1617

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