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South West Regional Health Authority

The South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) is responsible for the administration and management of the San Fernando General Hospital, the Area Hospital Point Fortin, the Princes Town District Health Facility, the Couva District Health Facility and 33 Health Centres scattered throughout the region.

The boundaries of the SWRHA cover more than one third of the land surface of Trinidad, extending from Couva in the North to Icacos in the South West, Moruga in the South East and Tabaquite in the North West. The population in this region is approximately five hundred thousand (500,000).

The Authority’s vision is "To be a dynamic, people-focused, quality driven health care organisation providing comprehensive health care in a safe and healthy environment".

See below for Hospitals, District Health Facilities and Health Centres operating under the SWRHA.


Administrative Office(s) Address Contact

SWRHA Head Office
Administrative Office(s)

Independence Avenue
San Fernando,
Trinidad, WI


(868) 653-4259
(868) 653-8078
(868) 657-4056
(868) 657-9872
(868) 653-9096
(868) 652-6810
(868) 653-8382

(868) 653-4259 ext. 2301
SWRHA Hospitals    

San Fernando General Hospital

Independence Avenue
San Fernando,
Trinidad, WI

(868) 652-3581
(868) 652-3582
(868) 652-3582
(868) 652-3583
(868) 652-3584
(868) 652-3585
(868) 652-3586

(868) 225-HEAL 

Pt. Fortin Area Hospital

Volunteer Road,
Point Fortin,
Trinidad, WI

Accident & Emergency:
(868) 648-3281

(868) 648-3234
SWRHA District Health Facilities

Couva District Health Facility

Balmain Road,
Couva Main Road, Couva.


(868) 636-4024
(868) 636-4034
(868) 636-4033

(868) 225-HEAL

Accident & Emergency:
(868) 636-4042


Princes Town District Health Facility

Circular Road, Princes Town.

(868) 655-8433
(868) 655-4700
(868) 225-HEAL

(868) 655-6017

24-Hour Hotline:
(868) 655-6886


SWRHA Health Centres
Primary Health Centres provide the following services:
  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Cervical Screening
  • Child Welfare Clinic
  • Chronic Disease Clinic
  • Counselling and Welfare
  • Dental
  • Dental Extractions
  • Diabetic Clinic
  • Dressings
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Family Planning
  • General Practice
  • Hansen’s Clinic
  • Home Visit
  • Pap Smear
  • Paediatric Clinic
  • Post natal Clinic
  • Prenatal Clinic
  • Psychiatric Clinic
  • School Visits
  • Skin Clinic
  • Wellness Clinic
Click on a Health Centre below for service schedules and location:
Claxton Bay Health Centre Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay Victoria (868) 659-1646
Freeport Health Centre St. Mary's Junction, Freeport Caroni (South) (868) 673-0021
Flanagin Town Health Centre Main Rd., Flanagin Town Caroni (South) (868) 636-2982
Gran Couva Health Centre Main Road, Gran Couva Caroni (South) (868) 679-9134
Tabaquite Health Centre Main Road, Tabaquite Caroni (South) (868) 636-2989
Todd's Road Health Centre Flecher Road., Todds Road Caroni (South) (868) 671-5176
Debe Health Centre Wellington Road, Debe Victoria (868) 647-6247
Gasparillo Health Centre Church St., Gasparillo Victoria (868) 650-1020
Indian Walk Health Centre Petite Cafe, Moruga Victoria (868) 655-2478
La Romaine Health Centre Zaida Lane, La Romaine Victoria (868) 657-1673
Lengua Health Centre Cipero & Papourie Roads, Lengua Victoria (868) 656-8889
Moruga Health Centre Lanse Mitan, Moruga Victoria (868) 656-7022
Marabella Health Centre Market Street, Marabella Victoria (868) 658-0470
Pleasantville Health Centre Chaconia Avenue & Prince Albert St., Pleasantville Victoria (868) 653-0521
Rochard Douglas Health Centre Rochard Douglas Road Victoria (868) 654-1641
Ste Madeleine Health Centre Manahambre Road, Ste. Madeline Victoria (868) 653-2303
Williamsville Health Centre Main Road, Williamsville Victoria (868) 655-1751
Cedros Health Centre St. Marie Street, Bonasse St. Patrick (868) 690-1440
Chatham Health Centre Main Road, Belle View St. Patrick  (868) 690-2183
Erin Health Centre Main Rd., Buenos Ayres St. Patrick (868) 649-8562
Fyzabad Health Centre Main Road, Fyzabad St. Patrick (868) 677-2034
Granville Health Centre Syfo Rd., Granville St. Patrick (868) 648-2736
Guapo Health Centre Hubertson Young Street, Guapo St. Patrick (868) 648-2208
Icacos Health Centre Main Rd., Icacos St. Patrick (868) 690-3724
La Brea Health Centre New Lands, La Brea St. Patrick (868) 648-7562
Palo Seco Health Centre Main Rd., Palo Seco St. Patrick (868) 649-4482
Penal Health Centre Southern Main Road, Penal St. Patrick (868) 647-4417
Penal Rock Road Health Centre Penal Rock Road, Penal St. Patrick (868) 647-0892
Point Fortin Health Centre Techier Main Rd, Point Fortin St. Patrick (868) 648-2329
Point Fortin Extended Health Centre Warden Road, Point Fortin St. Patrick (868) 648-2126
Siparia District Health Facility Corner High Street and Grell Street, Siparia St. Patrick (868) 649-1196
South Oropouche Health Centre Main Rd., Oropouche St. Patrick (868) 677-7305


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