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Chemistry, Food and Drug Division

Actions related to Chemistry, Food an Drugs is overseen by the Chemistry , Food and Drugs Division of the Ministry of Health

Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division

The mission of the Chemistry Food and Drugs Division is to:

  • Ensure safe quality of an equitable standard for use by consumers of food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices;
  • Ensure safety in use, the proper management and acceptable standards for pesticides and toxic chemicals;
  • Provide technological and laboratory services in the areas of food, drug, cosmetics, medical devices, pesticides and toxic chemicals.

The Division is the body responsible for the administration of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations and the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act and Regulations. It is also supported by:

  1. A Drug Advisory Committee, which is mandated to assist and advise the Minister with respect to:
    1. Drug Standards; Schedules of Drugs; Conditions of sale of drugs; and
    2. Cosmetics standards; labelling of Cosmetics, and any other matters connected therewith.
  2. A Food Advisory Committee to assist and advise the Minister with respect to food standards, labelling and other matters connected with the manufacturing and distribution of food.
  3. The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Board.
Contact information:
Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division
#92 Frederick Street
Telephone: 623-5242, 624-5968, 623-2834 (Food & Drugs Inspectorate)

623-7544 (Pesticides & Toxic Chemicals)
624-5970 (Administration)

Fax: 624-2477

Services of the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division
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