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Student Volunteer Programme


The shortage of health workers is a global phenomenon, which also affects Trinidad and Tobago. The key issue is having an adequate supply of health workers with the requisite skills and competencies to meet the country's demand. In order to address this issue, there is need to engage in activities that build the available supply of human resources for the sector. One way in which this can be done is to promote the sector as a preferred industry for employment.


The Ministry of Health's Student Volunteer Programme is intended for secondary school students from age fourteen to eighteen years old.

What Are The Benefits To Volunteering?

  • Make new friends and professional connections
  • Learn new skills
  • Experience job duties firsthand, which will help you to be confident in your career choice
  • Help patients to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at the hospital/ health facility
  • Add meaningful experience to your résumé or university application
  • Build confidence and self-esteem when navigating new situations and people

You Are Important To Us

Volunteers will work together with staff members to fulfill the goals and objectives of the organisation in which they are placed. You are intended to complement the work of staff members thereby adding value to the organisation and its commitment to high patient care. You are also able to give feedback to your supervisor and therefore add new insight into the services provided to clients. 

Click here to download the PDF Student Volunteer Programme Booklet (Adobe PDF, 3.6MB, 6 pages)

Click to download the PDF Student Volunteer Programme Brochure (Adobe PDF, 1.9MB, 2 pages)



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