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Trinidad and Tobago has many accomplishments in our response to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Currently the Ministry of Health is executing the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90-90-90 milestones, which state by the year 2020; diagnosed 90% of all HIV-positive persons, provide antiretroviral therapy (ART) for 90% of those diagnosed, and achieve viral suppression for 90% of those treated. We promote the Undetectable= Untransmittable (U=U) messaging that indicates someone with an undetectable HIV viral load on HIV treatment (ART) cannot transmit HIV. In keeping with this momentum, the Ministry of Health would like to remind citizens to refrain from engaging in risky sexual behaviour that would put one at risk of becoming HIV infected. Sexual and reproductive health involves making safe choices to protect oneself and your partner every day. Taking an HIV test is one of the safe choices a person can make. Despite this reality, there are a number of nationals who have never taken the HIV test to date. The sooner a person knows his/her status, the sooner he can access treatment (if found to be positive) thus increasing the chance of preventing other health conditions from developing.

So remember:

  • Regardless of whom a person is or what he does, all are welcome to access the HIV test free from discrimination. Confidential service is offered, as well as pre and post counselling (before and after the test) to reduce risk if a person is negative, and offer support and referral to treatment if a person is positive.
  • The Ministry of Health offers free same-day HIV testing at sixty three (63) sites collectively nationwide five days a week, twelve months a year.
  • Condoms are available at all testing sites.
  • With advances in HIV rapid testing technology, it takes just one drop of blood to determine a person’s HIV status and results are given in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Upon receiving the results of the test, whether negative or positive, standard follow up measures including counselling is offered at all testing sites.

HIV Counselling And Testing Sites Listing

George Street H/CMon - Fri8am - 2pm623-5155 / 354-9617George St, Port of Spain
Petit Valley Centre (no longer Adolescent Centre)Mon - Fri Mon & Wed (Evening Clinic)8am-2pm Evening Clinic: 4pm-8pm637-3284Corner of Morne-Coco and Simeon street, Petit Valley
Aranguez H/CTuesdays9am - 2pm638-2120Arranguez, Main Road
Barataria H/CTuesdays9am - 2pm638-2124Eastern Main Road and Seventh Street, San Juan
Barataria Wellness CentreMon – Fri8am - 2pm638-8562/674-9757Eastern Main Road, Barataria, Port of Spain
Woodbrook H/CTuesdays9am - 12:30pm622-2045105 Tragarete Rd, Port of Spain
Diego Martin H/CTuesdays9am - 12 noon637-9308Third Street, Diego Martin
El Socorro H/CWednesdays9am - 3pm674-8344/6385218El Socorro, Alley Alli San Juan
Morvant H/CThursdays9am - 2pm626-1044Lady young Avenue, Morvant
Carenage H/CMon- Fri8am - 12pm632-18601 Constabulary Street
Maraval H/CWednesdays9am - 2pm629-2043Saddle Road
St James DHFSaturday & MondaySaturday: 9am - 2pm Monday: 9am - 12pm622-4171112 Western Rd St James
San Juan H/CMon – Fri8am - 2pm638-3618Real Street, San Juan
Santa Cruz H/CThurs & every other Fridays8am - 2pm676-74008 - 12 noon Saddle Road, Santa Cruz
Success Laventille HCMon – Fri8am - 2pm623-6434Espinet Street, Success Laventile Health centre
Las Cuevas HCMonday & Wednesday9am - 12pm669-6302Pole #9 School Road
Oxford St HCMondays8am - 12pm623-6741Oxford and Observatory Street, Port of Spain
Maracas St. JosephMondays8am - 2pm663-1064Santa Barbara Road, Maracas, St. Joseph
Queens Park Counseling Centre & Clinic (Port of Spain)Mon – Fri7am - 12pm625-2556Belmont, Port of Spain
Queens Park Counseling Centre & Clinic (San Fernando)Mon – Fri8am - 12pm460-6737/652-8371San Fernando
FPATT- Port of SpainMon – Fri7am - 3pm (Walk in ) Cost: $100.00623-0004Corner of Oxford and, Charlotte St, Port of Spain
FPATT- San FernandoTuesdays8am - 2pm (Walk in ) Cost: $100.00652-30656A Lord Street
FPATT- Adolescent CentreTues & Sat1pm - 4pm 8:30am - 12 noon627-3444141-144 Henry Street, Port-of-Spain
Arima DHFMon – Fri8:30am - 3pm667-2276Eastern Main Road, Arima
Tacarigua H/CMon – Fri8:30am - 3:30pm225-3079El Dorado Rd, Tunapuna
Chaguanas H/C, Chaguanas District Health Facility Mon - Thurs
8:15am - 2:30pm 8:15am – 11am1-868-665-1166 Ext. 3 Corner Galt St. and the Eastern Main Road, Montrose, Chaguanas
Blanchisseuse H/CTuesdays9am - 2pm669-4118Paria Main Road, Lower Village
Macoya HCTuesday9am - 3pm663-4617Macoya Settlement, Macoya
Maloney HCMondays8am - 12pm642-1330Flamingo Maloney Boulevard
St. Joseph HCFridays9am - 3pm663-3419/662-0355Uriah Butler Highway, Champ Fleurs
La Horquetta HCFridays8am - 2pm643-0911Arthur Murray Crescent
UWI (St. Augustine)Mon - Thurs (UWI Students only - By appointment)9am - 3pm662-2002 ext 82149/82153The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine Campus
Valencia H/CTues & Thur9am - 2pm667-8197Casaurina Boulevard Valencia
Mayaro DHFMon-Wed-Fri8am - 4pm644-2320 / 226-9551/9542Pierreville Mayaro
Rio Claro H/C (QPCC & C)Fridays & Thursdays9am - 2:30pm644-2236De Verte and Dougdeen Street
Sangre Grande H/CFridays9am - 2pm668-2509/7491Ojoe Road Sangre Grande
Toco H/CThursdays8am - 4pm670-2139/8277/4559/2931Paria main road Toco
Grand Riviere H/C2nd Thurs each month9am-2pm670-8277/2931Grande Riviere
Marabella H/CMon – Fri8am - 4pm658-047041 A - 41B Union Parkwest Marabella
La Brea H/CMon – Fri8am - 4pm648-7562Newlands La Brea
Couva DHFMon & Tues4pm - 8pm636-2411Main Road Couva
Freeport HCTuesdays8am - 4pm2265371 ext 5370-3St Mary's Junction
Princess Town DHFWednesdays12pm - 3pm Circular Road, Princess Town
Siparia DHF (QPCC & C)Fridays (1st & 3rd Thurs each month)9am - 12pm649-2484/2380High Street Siparia
Todd's Road HC1st & 3rd Thurs each month8am - 4pm226-5631 ext 5370-3Flecher Road
Tabaquite HC2nd & 4th Tues each month8am - 4pm226-5621 ext 5620-3Main Road Tabaquite
Flanagin HC1st & 3rd Tues each month8am - 4pm226-5361 ext 5360-3Main Rd, Flanagin Town
Gran Couva HC2nd & 4th Thurs each month8am - 4pm226-5401 ext 5400-3Main Road, Gran Couva
Penal HCThursdays8am - 12pm226-5531 ext 5530-3Southern Main Road, Penal
Fyzabad HCThursdays8am - 2pm226-5381 ext 5380-3Main Road, Fyzabad
Point Fortin HCMon-Fri8am - 4pm226-5561 ext 5560-3Techier, Main Road
Palo Seco HCThursdays8am - 4pm226-5521 ext 5520-3Palo Seco, Main Road
La Romaine HCMonday9am - 1pm226-5471 ext 5470-6Zaida Lane, La Romaine
Pleasantville HCFridays9am - 2pm226-5551 ext 4301-6Chaconia Avenue and Princess Avenue Streets
Claxton Bay HCWednesdays9am - 1pm226-5331 ext 5330-3Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay
South Oropouche HCThursdays8am - 4pm226-5591 ext 5590-2Oropouche, Main Road
SFGH Ward 2 ClinicMon – Fri8am - 4pm225-5532Gomez Street, San Fernando
Canaan HCMon-Wed-Fri8am - 4pm639-8829Guy Street, Canaan
Scarborough HCMon-Wed8am - 4pm639-2423/3855Sunstone Boulevard, Bacolet Gardens, Bacolet
Tobago Health Promotion UnitMon-Fri8am - 4pm660-7872Fort King George, Admin Building

Ministry of Health
63 Park Street
Port-of-Spain 100607
Trinidad and Tobago

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Insect Vector Control: 800-IVCD

Chemistry, Food and Drugs: 800-CFDD

Chronic Disease Assistance: 800-CDAP