Public Health Inspection

What Are Public Health Inspectors?

Public Health Inspectors, members of the Primary Health Care Team approach, function under the Environmental Health Division of the Ministry of Health. Their role in preventative medicine include being committed to monitor, regulate, improve, maintain and adequately safeguard the public health and environmental health of Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Monitoring of environmental conditions to identify and control risks to human health
  • Investigation of public health complaints and abatement of nuisances
  • Monitoring of wastewater treatment and disposal systems
  • Monitoring of drainage systems
  • Monitoring solid and liquid waste management and disposal systems
  • Inspection of schools, homes for the aged, health centers, hospitals and other residential care facilities.
  • Inspection of factories, workshops, garages, public buildings and other commercial establishments
  • Inspection of hotels and guest-houses
  • Inspection, monitoring and registration of food establishments
  • Conducting lectures on public health matters to various groups including food handlers
  • Registration of food handlers
  • Inspection of building plans and layouts to ensure compliance with public health requirements
  • Monitoring and sampling of water supplies
  • Inspection of meat at abattoirs
  • Inspection of containerized cargo (foods) at ports, and/or premises of importer
  • Surveillance at ports to prevent the introduction and exportation of disease and vectors
  • Identification and control of disease vectors in the general environment
  • Collaboration with other agencies to address environmental/public health issues
  • Enforcement of public health laws, regulations and bye-laws

Who can Access our Services?

The general public including members of other private and public organizations can access the services of a Public Health Inspector.

How can Services be Accessed?

Services can be accessed by contacting any one the following:County Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) offices located in each County. Click here for office locations and telephone contact numbers.

The Insect Vector Control Division. Click here for office location and contact numbers.

Port Health - Piarco International Airport Phone: (868)-669-5874

Port Health (Sea Port) - Port-of-Spain

Port Health (Airport) - Tobago

Port Health (Seaport) - Tobago



Ministry of Health
63 Park Street
Port-of-Spain 100607
Trinidad and Tobago

+1 (868)-627-0010
+1 (868)-627-0012


Ambulance: 811

Police: 999

Fire: 990

ODPM: 511

TEMA: 211





Insect Vector Control: 800-IVCD

Chemistry, Food and Drugs: 800-CFDD

Chronic Disease Assistance: 800-CDAP