Applicant Instructions for a Tobacco License: Revised June, 2020



  • The Intended Applicant should decide on the appropriate licence(s) for its business.
  • Should the Intended Applicant require a manufacturing licence, it is advised that the Intended Applicant receives first-hand approval from Customs and Excise Division prior to submitting its application to the Tobacco Control Unit.
  • Ensure that the packaging and labeling of the tobacco product meets the stipulated requirements in accordance with the Tobacco Control Act Chap. 30:04 and its Regulation as amended.
  • Ensure that the tobacco product has received its Registered Trademark Number or is in the process of registering for same.
  • Ensure that the Intended Applicant as a body corporate has all its supporting documents up to date.
  • New applicants or applicants whose licenses have elapsed are advised not to import tobacco products into the country before being issued a tobacco licence.
  • For tobacco licence(s) renewal applicants, please apply at least 3 months prior to your licence expiry date.
  • Submit a sample of their packaging and labeling of the intended tobacco product either by virtual 3D sample or by physical packaging for approval ‘in principle’, prior to making payment at the District Revenue Office and submitting the official application. This can be e-mailed to or delivered to the Tobacco Control Unit (TCU) office at:

Tobacco Control Unit

Ministry of Health

Special Programmes and Services Building

Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

Uriah Butler Highway

Champ Fleur

Step 1:
Visit the Ministry of Health's website at to download the Application Form and other relevant documents
1. Complete Application Form in duplicate.
2. Download and reference the Checklist of Required Documents for Application for a tobacco licence.
3. Download and review the Packaging and Labelling Requirements for Tobacco Products under the Tobacco Control Act document to ensure that the tobacco product meets the requirement.
4. Download and complete Form A if required, to identify any person who is representing the applicant/director on the company’s behalf.

Step 2 :
Submit completed application form with the necessary documents to the Tobacco Control Unit (TCU) for review.
Refer to the Checklist of required documents for guidance. Some of the documents include, but may not be limited to, the following for submission:
1.Business Registration Certificate/Company Certificate of Incorporation
2. Notice of Directors (most up to date)
3. Notice of Address for the Company
4. Annual Return (most recent)
5. Form 45 Return of Beneficial Interest (most recent) or Form 46 for new companies
6. Copy of Applicant’s ID/Passport/Driver’s Permit
7. Copy of ID/Passport/Driver’s Permit of Broker/Person Acting on Behalf of Applicant (where applicable)
8. BIR Number
9. VAT Registration Number (where applicable)/VAT Clearance Certificate
10. Original fee receipts from the District Revenue Office
11. 3D sample or printed image of product packaging with mandatory labelling requirements.
12. Product Specification Sheet (applicants to acquire from manufacturer)
13. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (applicants to acquire from manufacturer)
14. Previous licences issued by the Ministry of Health (for renewals only)
15. Form A: Authorization Letter for Broker/Person Acting on Behalf of Applicant (where applicable)

Step 3:
1. Collect Voucher Forms from the Tobacco Control Unit (TCU) in duplicate for approval to make payment to the District Revenue Office.
2. Submit the Original fee receipts along with the updated Voucher Form from the District Revenue Office to the TCU.
Pay the relevant fees:
Importer- TT$6,000
3.Fees can be paid at any of the following District Revenue Offices:
Tunapuna Administrative Complex
Corner Centenary Street & Eastern Main Road

Government Campus
2-4 Ajax Street  

Railway Road  

6 Prince Street  

Sangre Grande:
400 Eastern Main Road
Damarie Hill

20 Ramsaran Street

High Street  

Princes Town:
High Street  

San Fernando:
Independence Avenue

Rio Claro:
Naparima Mayaro Road  

La Brea:
High Road

Roxborough, Tobago:
Roxborough Main Road

Step 4:
1. The applicant will be contacted by the Tobacco Control Unit (TCU) to schedule an inspection of all premises where the tobacco product will be stored. The inspection takes the form of a multi-agency approach and is not limited to the areas below:
a. Public Health
c. Fire Safety/Inspection
d. COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines
e. Confirmation of Packaging and Labeling requirements on bulk packaging
2. If defects are identified during the inspection, the applicant will be notified via a letter from TCU of the defects/areas to be remedied and or additional documentation that will be required to satisfy the inspection process. TCU reserves the right to refer any noncompliance to other agencies.  

3. It is the applicant’s duty to inform TCU on the progress towards remedying the defects. Where possible, the applicant can send an e-mail to with photographic evidence of the improvements done and copies of the requested documents.
4. The TCU will then schedule a Follow-Up Spot check with the applicant to confirm resolution of defects.

Step 5:
Once all requirements have been met by the applicant, a recommendation will be submitted by the Inspection Team for the issuance of a licence. The reported recommendation is then forwarded to the Minister of Health for approval.  

Step 6:
The applicant will be contacted regarding the issuance of licence.  

Ministry of Health
4-6 Queen's Park East
Port-of-Spain 101002
Trinidad and Tobago

+1 (868)-217-4MOH (4664)


Ambulance: 811

Police: 999

Fire: 990

ODPM: 511

TEMA: 211


Insect Vector Control: 800-IVCD

Chemistry, Food and Drugs: 800-CFDD

Chronic Disease Assistance: 800-CDAP