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Vaccination Cards General Information

Types of Vaccination Cards

Trinidad and Tobago, like other countries, has 2 types of Vaccination Cards:

  1. Local Vaccination Cards (Immunization Record):

Local Vaccination Cards are issued at the time of vaccination (e.g. for COVID-19 vaccination).

  • International Vaccination Cards (International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis): International Vaccination Cards are only required for international travel and are issued at the offices of the County Medical Officers of Health (CMOH).

Where applicable, members of the public who have upcoming international travel plans are strongly advised to acquire or have their existing International Vaccination Card updated with proof of COVID-19 vaccination. They should keep the International Vaccination Card in their possession when travelling internationally.

How to Acquire/Update an International Vaccination Card

International Vaccination Cards will ONLY be processed and issued by the offices of the CMOH. Those with upcoming international travel plans will be facilitated, in the first instance.

Members of the public who have upcoming international travel plans and require proof of COVID-19 vaccination should:

  1. Prepare a sealed envelope that is properly labelled with Full NameContact Number and Email Address (where possible) with the following documents included:
  • Copy of biodata page of Passport
  • Copy of Local Immunization Card (Front page and page with proof of COVID-19 Vaccination)
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Existing International Immunization Card (This applies if the traveler received a card previously. New International Vaccination Cards will be provided as required).

2. Deliver the completed and properly labelled package to the office of the respective CMOH within their County. The package should contain all of the required documents.

3. Once advised by the respective office of the CMOH, return to the CMOH office to collect the documents, including the International Immunization Card.

The average processing time will be 3 to 5 working days from the date of drop-off.  Members of the public should be guided accordingly.

A listing of the contact information for the offices of the CMOHs is appended and is also available on the Ministry’s website at https://health.gov.tt/services/county-medical-officers-of-health. The offices of the CMOHs are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Unstamped Local Immunization Cards

Members of the public are also advised that the relevant Regional Health Authority (RHA) or the Ministry of Health representative should stamp the outside of the Local Vaccination Card, upon first issue. Once the card itself is stamped, there is no need for an additional stamp every time a vaccine is administered.

People without an RHA or Ministry of Health stamp on the outside of their Local Vaccination Card and:

  • DO NOT require an International Vaccination Card, should contact the same RHA that administered the COVID-19 vaccine to have the card validated and stamped.
  • DO require an International Vaccination Card for upcoming international travel may have their local Vaccination Card validated at the Office of the relevant CMOH.

In this instance, the actual Local Vaccination Card should be included in the package for the International Vaccination Card request.


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