Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy involve the physical care and rehabilitation of persons with diseases or injuries that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. It is a health care profession concerned with identifying and maximizing the quality of life and movement potential of persons. DUTIES

  • Assess and diagnose patient’s injuries e.g. persons with a stroke or accident injury.
  • Examine a person and evaluate information gathered in order to determine the appropriate treatment methods.
  • Establish a plan of care which provides treatment that may involve electrical or manual therapy and exercises to improve mobility and function.
  • Record improvement.
  • Advise on ways to promote fitness and wellness and avoid injury e.g. during sports and exercises.


Physiotherapists/ Physical Therapists work in many settings such as in Hospitals, on the wards or in out patient departments, in private clinics or even in people’s homes. After qualifying, persons may do post graduate studies in different areas of the profession.

General Physiotherapy - treating a wide range of conditions that affect mobility

Sports Physiotherapy - Treating athletic injuries, teaching injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Geriatric Physiotherapy - Treating elderly persons with injuries and advising on safety in the home. 

Pediatric Physiotherapy - Treating disorders common to children.

Women’s Health - Treating issues specifically related to women such as childbirth and its complications, osteoporosis, or gynecological disorders.

Pain Management - Improving the quality of life for those living with pain.

Orthopedics - Treating injuries of the muscular-skeletal system including fractures, sprains, back pain and post operative care of fractures, joint replacements etc

Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy - Treating conditions related to the heart and lungs e.g. asthma, chronic chest infections, coronary bypass surgery.

Neurological Physiotherapy - Treating conditions affecting the nervous system, e.g. brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Spinal cord injuries.


  • Entry level programmes are university level studies of a minimum of four years – including an Internship.
  • Enrollment requirements include Science subjects – Physics, Anatomy, Maths at CXC and CAPE
  • Persons must also do voluntary hours in a Physiotherapy facility prior to applying to a school.
  • Persons may apply to UWI, Mona Campus or Universities in US, Canada or UK


  • Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy form UWI, Mona Campus.
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy from recognized schools in US, Canada or UK


  • Supportive and positive attitude.
  • Able to gain client’s trust.
  • Respect for cultural preferences.
  • Persistent.
  • Communication and people skills.



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