Public Health Nutritionist

Public Health Nutrition is the application of nutrition principles and implementation of initiatives to contribute to improving environmental determinants of dietary intake for the prevention of nutrition-related diseases, and promotion of optimal nutritional health of the population. Multidisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration is critical for public health nutrition practice. A public health nutritionist is responsible for integrating and applying scientific knowledge of human nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, the behavioural and social sciences, and food systems to plan and lead population-based nutrition promotion strategies and interventions to improve health and well-being of targeted groups in communities and the general population.


  • Assess the nutritional needs of targeted communities and the population.
  • Determine the cause(s) of health problems as relates to nutrition.
  • Establish and implement nutrition surveillance systems.
  • Develop policies to address nutrition-related problems and thus promote nutritional health and prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases and conditions.
  • Plan and conduct culturally relevant nutrition education programmes, complemented by appropriate educational materials.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare providers, non-health sectors and agencies for greater effectiveness of initiatives.
  • Contribute to education and training of dietetic interns, other healthcare personnel and other individuals.
  • Provide advice to food industries and other food-related bodies.
  • Develop, improve food labeling and safety standards, and monitor compliance.
  • Ensure quality assurance standards are met.
  • Conduct research on the nutritionally relevant areas of focus and communicate findings.
  • Maintain professional competencies.



  • Required CXC (CSEC) subjects include English, Mathematics, Chemistry;
  • Two CXC (CAPE) science subjects OR a Diploma or Associate degree in Nutrition or Food Science or Chemistry or Biochemistry from a recognised tertiary level institution
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics is an asset and is highly desirable.
  • Master of Science Degree in Nutrition OR Community Nutrition OR Public Health Nutrition, integrated with practicum.


  • Registration with the Nutritionists and Dietitians Board of the Council Professions Related to Medicine, Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Good communication (oral, writing, listening) skills.
  • Good management and networking skills.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Good critical thinking skills.
  • Flexible
  • Advocate for and demonstrates professional standards.
  • Maintains professional competencies.
  • Respect for religious and cultural preferences.
  • Computer literate
  • Able to work well independently and as a team member.



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